Why an Animated Video?

Animated videos are a new, unique and engaging way to promote your brand. The videos are created in both 2D & 3D animation with motion graphics and illustrations.
Our packages range from 60 to 150 seconds of unique animation, depending on your needs. Production time for the animated videos is 4-8 weeks depending on the complexity, visual style, project deadlines and our production schedule at the time.

Our Process

Design Brief

Once we receive your design brief, we'll assign you a designer based on your animated video style.


The Storyboard

You will work closely with our designer to build the illustrated storyboard, which visually outlines your video.


Final Review

Once the storyboard is completed, the designer will make any final changes based on your feedback.


Video Production

Once you're happy with the final storyboard, we'll produce the animated video. You'll be able to review and make changes, through the whole process.


Why Choose Product London

With over 30 years experience working in the design industry, we’re well placed to understand your needs. Our designers will take the time to listen and get the information needed to make the perfect animated video to suit your brand.

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Our Animated video Services

Easy Order Process

Just fill in the short design brief, click submit and we'll get send you a quote.

Full Creative Process

If you're unsure what type of where to start, just leave the brief blank and our designer will create some ideas for you.

Friendly Designers

No request is too big or small and our friendly designers will work to get you the best animated video design possible.

Copyright & Security

You will be the only person to have access to your animated video and will own full copyright of the design.

File Formats

Animated videos can be used in many situations from social media to websites and marketing. We can provide any file formats needed.

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full money back guarantee before production starts, if you're unhappy with your initial design, giving you peace of mind when ordering.

Pricing Plans

Standard Plan

  • 60 seconds
  • Unique character design
  • Animation
  • 2D animation
  • Simple background
  • 1 revision round
  • Production time 4 - 8 weeks
  • Delivered in 1080p H.264
  • Video embed code
  • Additional video formats


Price Estimate £2500

Advanced Plan

  • 60 - 90 seconds
  • Unique character design
  • More animation
  • 2D/2.5D animation
  • 2D/2.5D backgrounds
  • 2 revision rounds
  • Production time 4 - 8 weeks
  • Delivered in 1080p H.264
  • Video embed code
  • Additional video formats
  • Sound design


Price estimate £3700

Ultimate Plan

  • 90 - 150 seconds
  • Unique character design
  • Much more animation
  • 2D/2.5D animation
  • 2.5D/3D backgrounds
  • 3 revision rounds
  • Production time 6 - 8 weeks
  • Delivered in 1080p H.264
  • Video embed code
  • Additional video formats
  • Advanced sound design
  • Motion graphics


Price estimate £4900

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